Maya math DemoLast weekend, we were thrilled to celebrate the International Day of Archaeology by  participating in the AIA Archaeology Fair at the Museum Of Science in Boston. There were groups presenting everything from Roman battle techniques, to atlatl spear-throwing and underwater archaeology.

Pamela sporting a royal headdress

Modeling a virtual headdress

It was particularly exciting for Maya fans as MOS is currently hosting the amazing Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed exhibit. The exhibit has a breathtaking collection of Maya artifacts, as well as some fun interactive technology. Not only can you create and print out your Maya name and a stela with your birth date, you can also virtually dress yourself up as a Maya nobleperson, scribe or warrior.  If you’re near Boston it’s well worth the visit.Button

At our table, we were were doing Maya math demonstrations, looking up birthdays in the Maya calendar and making birthday glyph buttons. (Most satisfying result: the female surgeon whose birthday turned out to be One Blade!)  We were also honored to give a presentation on Maya archaeology in the magnificent Cahner’s theater, followed by a book signing.

Thank you to everyone who came by, especially Jaguar Stones fans old and new.  Archo StickersFor those of you who couldn’t make it, we  didn’t forget you! We came away with loads of stickers and buttons, and everyone who enters this month’s Jaguar Stones Club Giveaway will get one – for as long as stocks last.

And to leave you with one glorious final snapshot from an amazing day, please admire the stand-alone display of Jaguar Stones books in the two MOS shops!

Books in Shop

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